6 Basic eComm Branding Strategies

It’s how your customers feel when they see, hear, or think of your brand.

 With an eComm brand - it's even more important to start the brand experience online in your store, and not just when it touches your customers hands.

Here are six branding basics for you to start with:

1. Define your target audience

You should know who you’re talking to.

And most importantly, you should be specific.

Are you talking to college students or do you want to target college students who are into fitness and travel?

Should you talk to suburban women in general or be more focused on working women in the 30-45 age bracket?

Are your clients entrepreneurs who are traveling often? 

All of this matters because it means you will be speaking to them much differently. What will peak their interest? What times are they most active? What types of problems are they dealing with? 

2. Get your positioning right

Your unique positioning will make you different and distinct from your competitors.

To do that, you should know the pain points of your customers and the solutions they’re seeking (defining your audience from step one helps with this).

If you have trouble with defining and getting ideas for your positioning, a good way to start is to search the social media handles of your competitors, then look at their followers, comments,  and profiles to discover what they are most interested in.

3. Share your story

  • Why did you start your business?
  • Was there a specific incident or moment of inspiration?
  • How easy or difficult was it to get off the ground?
  • Who’re your most devoted employees?
  • Have you failed at something?
  • Do you regret something?

Sharing all those will make you relatable and human. When people can connect on that level they start to build a loyalty towards you because they feel as though they understand who you are - like a friend or someone who has gone through and understand them more-so than others. 

It may seem too vulnerable at first, but sharing things like this is very important to building.  Once you start sharing, you will see exactly what I mean. 

4. Be consistent

Once you identify your brand positioning and start sharing content, you should be consistent.

Identify a tone, voice, and manner that better suits your brand and stick with it.

If you’ve positioned yourself as a conservative brand, let it reflect in all your communication. Don’t let good and bad posts detract from your process. Trust it! 

5. Focus on customer experience

All your energy should be devoted to providing superior customer experiences.

An angry customer can share their experiences with the whole world through a negative review.

So, underpromise and overdeliver, and own up to and make up for  any mistakes.

Along with that, creating an experience with your packaging and smooth buying process is huge. 

Think about how many people do unboxing videos, and think about how good it feels to open that brand new phone, or pair of shoes. 

You want your customer to feel good, special, and making it “instagram worthy” can get you some amazing UGI (user generated content) tagged without even having to ask!. 

6. Be progressive and inclusive

You shouldn’t operate in isolation.

Your brand should reflect the movements and demands of the larger ecosystem. 

Your customers and followers expect you to be part of the change and if you hesitate, they’ll choose someone else who won’t.

Take Blockbuster for example. 

They could have won the entire market early when they noticed that people started wanting digital rentals, but instead, they stuck to the old ways while their competitors soared ahead and put them out of business. 

Don’t get so stuck in your own ways  that you forget about your customers preferences and changes in the marketplace. It does not mean you have to change your brand. 

To Яonclude, focusing on your customer is the biggest part of brand building, online or off. 

Success is in your hands!! 



Jan 25, 2022

Josh "Snow" Elizetxe has been a Serial Entrepreneur since his early teens, and he has started and sold several multi-million dollar businesses during his teen years, which made him sought after Trainer and Speaker on how to grow and scale brands. These early experiences allowed him to bootstrap his way to over $250,000,000 in sales and his work with Influencers (such as Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, Rob Gronkowski, etc) helped launch Snow, his oral care brand to 9-figures in sales. Josh serves on the board of the Phoenix Coding Academy and the Fleischer Scholars Program. He's also a Company Advisor and Angel Investor in the software (SaaS), eCommerce, and advertising technology industries. With an uncanny focus on data-driven strategy, his work has resulted in over $1 Billion in proven enterprise value tracked since 2009.


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