How We Skyrocketed Jawzrsize's Revenue 1289% By Transforming Their Paid Google Strategy

Jawzrsize Google Case Study

Personal Notes:

Started FB Ads Nov 24th 2019

Example: No Shopping/GDN/Specific Search Campaigns, which resulted in XXX growth

4/10/17-11/24/19 (before us)

11/25/19-3/16/22 (with us) + WITH YouTube1)

1) Here's What It Looked Like Before We Started...

This brand was previously managed by a run-of-the-mill Google Agency. Touting consistently high ROAS to brand owners by running Retargeting/Remarketing Search & Shopping 85-90% of the time.

This of course looks great on paper. But when you look at the numbers and realize that this Retargeting Traffic is simply piggy backing off of external traffic sources, the story becomes a bit clearer.

Google is a FANTASTIC platform for Retargeting/Remarketing, but this is where majority of brands fall short.

Because Google is also great at Prospecting and New Customer Acquisition when setup properly. This is where the real growth comes in.

Once our team restructured the account and started implementing TOF Prospecting Search, Shopping, and Display Campaigns combined with the tried and true Remarketing Campaigns the changes were substantial to say the least.

2) Here Are The Steps We Took...

We started by diving deep into the brand's strength and weaknesses. What keywords users were currently using to discover the brand, as well as what new keywords, angles, and topics could be used as well.

From there we began crafting specific Prospecting Search & Display Campaigns to reach new audiences and create brand awareness while still heavily focusing on converting eyeballs into customers.‍

3) These Are The Before/After Results...

This of course took time and wasn't an overnight success.

But some two to three months later the results were consistent and daily revenue that was once considered new heights became the new norm.

The growth shown below can seem a bit outlandish. And truthfully it is for most brands.

Most brands aren't going to 10x from leveraging Google. But even at fraction of that growth, being able to 2x your business is nothing to sneeze at!

4/10/17-11/24/19 (Before Us)

Amount Spent: $312,869.01
Sales: 11,524CPA: $27.14
Revenue: $563,198.63
ROAS: 1.80‍

11/25/19-3/16/22 (With Us) + No YouTube

Amount Spent: $2,355,756.39
Sales: 138,373CPA: $17.02
Revenue: $7,264,677.03
ROAS: 3.08‍

Unlike Facebook and similar Social platforms, Google is a very consistent and high intent revenue generating machine. It is more common for Google Campaigns to get consistent results over time than it is for them to fizzle out in a matter of weeks like we see on all the other platforms.

The combination of consistency, high intent customers, and ability to reach consumers through all areas of the internet makes Google easily one of the strongest platforms in the world.

Simply put, if your brand isn't capitalizing on Google properly, you're drastically holding back your own growth.


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Mar 17, 2022

Matt Malby is the Director of Marketing for PowerHouse.


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